What's that

   Not so long ago, an idea glinted and gleamed.

A surralist desire to create a cornucopia of clother by digging through the layers of our leftovers.

   CADAVRESKY is a snub to the open arms of today's trends.

   Authentic. No concessions, and no imitations.

   Developed by Charlotte Abalé Gnahoré, CADAVRESKY offers a clothing line that's a futuristic journey to the land of a prehistoric present.

   To be consumed without moderation, in a well-mixed cocktail of urban wear, street, art & pop.

   CADAVRESKY creates everything with nothing, and more than anything is a research, a finidin, a disarticulation and a recomposition, a hand-made know-how that creates unique, crafted, garments.

   CADAVRESKY recalibrates the codes, plays qith cogue, proposes an alternative vision that redefines one's style and invites you to find the echo that calls to you in each project.

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